A food processor comes with a variety of attachments and accessories which can confuse you and make you wonder about their functionality. A lot of people think that if they get more attachments then they have made a better deal but if you don’t end up using those attachments, why waste the money on it? Btw, do check out Homeguyd.com’s reviews on the best food processors for 2017.

With the help of this article, you will be able to determine the different types of attachments and their uses and will be able to decide on which attachment do you need and which one you can pass.

1. Knife Blade

This multi-purpose attachment is a standard tool offered with all food processors and can handle the basic kitchen tasks like chopping, mincing, mashing, mixing, and so on.

2. Dough blade

A lot of food processors also come with a dough blade or hook which is useful for mixing food items with yeast like bread dough.

3. Shredding and slicing blade

Another common attachment that is included with a food processor is a shredding/slicing blade. You will find that these blades come in different sizes allowing you to slice and shred your food items into a fine, coarse and a medium finish. A lot of these blades are either separated or on single metal reversible disk where one side is for slicing and the other side is for shredding.

4. Grating blade

This attachment is similar to a slicing and shredding blade and can be used to grate vegetables and cheese to prepare a quick slaw. It works on both hard and soft food and is effective in its function. Trust me, this is one attachment which would not disappoint you when used with a food processor.

Attachments used for in Food Processor

5. Blender

There are two types of blender attachments that are included with a food processor, one is a blender jug which is basically a replacement of the bowl and the other is a blender canopy which is attached inside the bowl and is in contact with the blade and is known to help in blending.

A jug blender comes handy when you are planning to make puree or sauce and can provide more versatility to your food processor without taking up more space in the kitchen. A blender canopy, on the other hand, is used in addition to the standard blade and is useful in providing a consistent and smooth blend.

6. Citrus press

Many food processors also come with a citrus press attachment which is useful is pressing fruits and vegetables to get their juice.

7. Mill

Many premium food processor models also offer a mill attachment which is handy in making little quantities of puree, grinding coffee beans and herbs, and so on. While a mill attachment is different from a bowl, many food processors also include a mini bowl attachment which performs the same task as a mill.

8. Whisk

blender attachments

Another popular food processor attachment is a whisk beater or a paddle. These food processors include twin beaters and metal beaters are found to be more effective although they won’t be as good as a stand mixer.

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