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Something to think about. Paul Harvey said this in 1964. Truth is still truth, even 46 years later:

Any man who claims you owe him a living is a cannibal.
Whether foreign or domestic, he is a cannibal.
If you choose to help him, that is one thing.
If he demands you “help” as his “right,” he is a leech, a sycophant, a parasite.
He is a cannibal seeking to survive by consuming you.

H/T Red State, where you can read Harvey’s words in context.

And American Power has a lovely comparison of the Restoring Honor rally (August 28) and the One Nation rally (October 2). Gee, I wonder what the lack of attendance at the latter might mean?  Nothing that the liberal left can understand, apparently; they’re so convinced of their ideology that nothing, not even lack of public support, will sway them.

Restore Honor rally vs. One Nation rally

H/T Melissa via Old Retired Petty Officer. A nifty animation overlay of the photos has been done by Verum Serum.

Marooned in Marin has a photo analysis of the One Nation event, succinctly describing it:

Basically, it was a Grievance Fest of different Leftist organizations for this cause or that cause. It was also an opportunity to bash the “teabaggers” (that homosexual slur was on a lot of signs), as well as promote Communism and socialism. In other words, the most extreme element of the Left, far removed from the American mainstream.

And reason #486 why I will never join a teachers’ union:

The page on the National Education Association’s website inviting its members to travel to the rally quotes its president: “NEA is proud to be standing with our brothers and sisters in the labor and social justice movement.”

H/T Looking at the Left, who shares:

The majority of [One Nation] participants were union members who came on free buses. They were given T-shirts, and handed signs when they arrived. Many carried free lunch boxes they were given on the buses to what was, for all intents and purposes, an anti-capitalism, pro-Obama rally.”The National Education Association (NEA) had the largest presence along with the United Auto Workers (UAW). The NEA was given the best location at the front with the most shade (above right.) NEA members were provided free busses and food allowance to travel from their home states. I spoke with NEA members (above right) from Detroit and Chicago who were bussed in for the day.

I wonder how many of those fine educators would have bothered to show up if they hadn’t been given free air conditioned bus rides and meals, if they had to drive cross country on their own dime and time?

Don’t get me started.

Postscript to October 1st’s blog entry: It was a metaphorical bloodbath. The public school thoroughly trounced the private school on the gridiron. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I’m intrigued to see how this lesson informs the future of the team and the school (in the past far too dependent upon the glory of its football team).

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