Act of Valor

March 3, 2012 on 11:28 pm | In entertainment, military, patriotism | No Comments

I’ve had difficulty sitting down to blog lately.

Frustration at being unable to find a full time teaching position, and growing disgust with the teaching profession in general, has left me wondering whether I ought to permanently abandon the effort. It’s hard to see anything noble about a profession that protects criminals.

As I try not to stress out about the uncertainty of my professional future, I’m reading Andrew Breitbart’s Righteous Indignation (his untimely death motivated me to pick it up). At one point in the book he recounts how some worthless Hollywood actor (I can’t recall which one) in an effort to slam President George W. Bush, opined that a real man isn’t defined by masculine pursuits such as being able to ride a horse, handle a gun, or drive a pickup truck.

Whatever, Hollywood actor. You play make believe for a living, you are hardly the arbiter of genuine masculinity. I am weary of the sissification of men, of the denigration of manliness and the elevation of homosexuality.

I’ve become so disgusted at the liberal left entertainment industry that I rarely will shell out money for a movie (and few films interest me enough). Nevertheless, feeling far too jaded for my own or any one else’s good, tonight I dragged Husband and Youngest Son to the local cinema to see Act of Valor.

Talk about the cure for what ails us…

The theater was packed, and when the movie ended there was quite a bit of applause, as well as more than a few people wiping their eyes.

Everything that needs to be said about the brave souls who are America’s warriors was said in this movie. As we go about our comfortable daily lives, we don’t think about the men and women who keep us safe. About the soldiers keeping track of those who would attack us, and taking the steps–risking their own lives–to thwart those attacks.

This movie has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with patriotism. With loving your country enough to commit your very life to its safety. Such commitment ought to amaze and humble us all.

There still are real men on this planet. “Damn few,” as the movie says, but they do exist, and some of the finest are Navy Seals.

If you are like me, you’re curious as to how they pull off such an authentic movie. Real Seals, not actors. Real weapons, real aircraft, a real nuclear submarine. Here’s a behind the scenes peek:

This is a graphic, adult movie. Don’t take small children to it, please. If your child is old enough to discuss with you current issues such as Mexican drug cartels and jihad terrorists, then he or she is old enough for the movie. If not, the violence is likely to be too disturbing. Don’t let that put you off as an adult though; the humanity in this movie is too important to miss.

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