Random high school thoughts

November 2, 2011 on 9:30 am | In children, daily life, education, family, humor | 2 Comments

More random thoughts from Youngest Son, deep in the trenches of a local high school.

Why do football players and blacks call girls ‘bitches?’ Like, ‘I’m gonna go get my bitch.’ Is that supposed to be hot? What girl likes that?

So this kid tells me ‘I’ve got $400 in my wallet and $500 on my prepaid Visa card.’ And he asks me ‘What do you have?’ I tell him ‘$20. Not counting the change in my pocket.’ (laughs) ‘What the crap do you need $900 for? The most expensive thing in the cafeteria is less than ten dollars!’

How can you be getting a D in Spanish when it’s your first language? You grew up speaking it, it should be an easy A.

What is the point of Algebra? When am I ever going to use it? When I’m a cop, am I gonna need algorithms in order to arrest someone?

I’m never going to be able to use my own writing style in Honors English. It’s way too serious. There’s no place for humor.

How can they be seniors and be so stupid? Shouldn’t you get smarter when you get older?

I was trying to help this girl with the assignment after class. And she wasn’t getting it. Finally she said ‘Why is this so hard?’ So I said ‘Maybe if you paid attention in class instead of slacking off, you’d get it.’ She slapped me. I guess I should have kept that thought to myself.

Can we be a dysfunctional family that cusses at the kids, like the neighbors?



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  1. You should save all of these and compile them into a book. If the cop thing doesn’t work out, he can consider stand up comedy. x3


    Comment by RTsFirst — November 3, 2011 #

  2. It almost sounds like high school hasn’t change that much over the years.


    Comment by Kathi — November 4, 2011 #

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