It was only a college prank…

September 19, 2008 on 10:54 am | In 2008 election, Sarah Palin | No Comments

It just gets better and better. Apparently “rubico10″ who takes credit for the Sarah Palin email hacking is a 20 year old college boy, who also happens to be the son of a Tennessee Democratic State Representative. H/T to for the link.

What do you want to bet that daddy does whatever it takes to keep junior from paying for his “fun?”

The Other McCain has ongoing details of this story, with the pithy observation

…maybe “rubico10″ was just bragging about a hack he didn’t actually do. And maybe “rubico10″ is a common Web nickname, like “bi19cheerldr.” And maybe a Democrat’s chess-nerd son with emotional issues isn’t the only one who “really wanted to get something incriminating” about the GOP vice-presidential candidate. It’s all just a coincidence, no conclusions can be drawn from these random facts, and not even Andrew Sullivan would bother to do a “just asking questions” post about it.

The AP refused to cooperate with the Secret Service when the search for the hacker began, and continues to insist that Sarah Palin uses private email for state business (regardless of any factual evidence), thereby insinuating that hacking her email was justified. How utterly predictable of them. The ends justify the means.

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